Ibiza LGTBI, lovethewayyouare

The philosophy of the Ibizan people, based on the motto “live and let live”, emerged decades ago with the hippies, artists from all over the world and the LGTBI collective, who found nowhere else in the old continent to live freely. Ibiza was a pioneer in leaving space for emotions to run free.

Open minds and unconventional spirits found unlimited respect and beauty in Ibiza, which is why it’s the place where the LGTBI public feels most at home. But Ibiza continues to be a universal reference point because the gay-friendly atmosphere is not limited to two particular streets or a neighbourhood, but covers the whole island and characterises a friendly, welcoming society without complexes.

Ibiza is a land of encounters, of knowing smiles, of unchained imagination and a multicoloured outdoor catwalk, the scene of sparkling, daring and provocative displays. An island of passionate love affairs, of secret, peaceful shelters and great showcases of freedom where boldness and hedonism are the order of the day.

Ibiza is also the perfect place to travel with your family. If you want to enjoy your long awaited holidays with your children, you won’t find a better place: the beauty and atmosphere of the island will harmonise perfectly with your plans and dreams.

Ibiza never ceases to amaze, because it is different every day. If you want intimacy, nature or exclusivity, you can have it. If you prefer to mix with the crowd and strut around half-naked or on stilts, you will find it hard to attract attention because of all the competition. Ibiza is a paradise of opportunities, a journey of non-conformity and inner calm, an adventure and a crossroads on a horizon without limits.

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An open and magical rainbow island

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The day, the sunset, the night…

Ibiza, the fifth element

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